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A note from Lisa:

I’d be honored to connect with your organization to deliver a message that meets the energy of the moment as well as educates and empowers all of us to be stronger members of our communities.


Thank you for contacting Golden Glow Media to request an event appearance by Ms. Lisa Borders. Please read the following guidelines prior to submitting a scheduling request:

1. Ms. Lisa Borders is unable to commit to events more than six months in advance.

2. Prior to including Ms. Borders as an attendee or speaker in a news release or other printed materials, please contact Golden Glow Media at [email protected] for approval.

3. Please assign one individual as the sole point of contact.

4. Please allow 10 business days for a response.


5. Please be advised that due to the global pandemic, all events will be done virtually for the foreseeable future.

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Katie Miserany 

VP of Communications at SurveyMonkey

We were honored to have Lisa come speak to our team in a sold-out fireside chat with our CEO. The team was wowed—Lisa has led an inspiring career and has an engaging personal style that draws you in and leaves you feeling lifted up. As the conversation ranged from the Civil Rights movement to basketball to leadership principles, Lisa tackled each one with courage and clarity. I would highly recommend Lisa as a corporate speaker. We can’t wait to have her back!

Ibrahim Butt

Lisa is one of the best listeners I know. She creates a welcoming environment for discussion, allowing you the space to open up and contribute while also always being receptive to dissenting opinions. A true consensus builder, Lisa leads with empathy, strength
and laughter, creating a strong sense of community. Her unique ability to bridge the divide across age, gender and racial lines is a quality few modern
leaders have but one that is increasingly important as we strive to push society and our communities to be more diverse and inclusive.

Lisa has the ability to connect with individuals, groups and communities in an authentic and intimate way. She speaks with an incredible sense of
transparency and openness, valuing every individual’s contribution but also being cognizant of what was not said and whose voices have been left out.

A fantastic leader and
most importantly friend - Lisa Borders is an empathetic communicator, teasing out perspectives of individuals and lifting the voices of all.

Lulu Cheng Meservey, President, TrailRunner International

It’s been over a month, and my colleagues are still talking about Lisa Borders.

Lisa spoke to our firm about the lessons she has accumulated over a legendary career, not only shedding light on complex and sensitive topics that too rarely get discussed (and certainly not with the nuance Lisa imbued them with), but on top of that she even got our team to open up in candid ways that brought us closer to each other as colleagues and friends. Lisa is a powerful, compelling storyteller who doesn’t hold back or rely on “corporate speak.” It’s no wonder that our team continues to quote Lisa and reference her visit to this day.